Monday, September 22, 2014

when you truly love yourself, you don't have enemies. they may hate you but you're too big to hate them back :)

i think i'am supa hardworking recently. been waking up together with baobei at 6:45am daily to pack breakfast for granny and he'll then proceed to work aftermath.  besides, we have been sleeping real early as well, like prolly around 11-12am. sometimes without cough syrup or beer to aid me for an easier sleep, i would then turn in like only at 3am :( it's always like that! 

been used to taking naps right after breakfast with granny & youngersis everyday waking at 12pm for lunch. i think i don't have to mention whom i had lunch with right? haha

look at our cheeky lil princess, so smiley! finally seen her after a long long time.. we all love you babygirl. 
can't wait to have my own! hao ke ai, look at how she grabs my little finger :'D
line video call with baobei while he's at work becos he misses babygirl too. and also Jolene, coincidentally joanna and gan ma were both beside her, so they get to see baby tooooo! haha Jolene says she likes baby's hair! :/ 

yesterday, a very rare guest came to join us for sushi feast. guess who? Eldersis lorrrrr. always looking for people to acc her for lunch whenever she's at her husb home. and luckily she apps me at the right time.. 

wo de grace very good de. always agree to send me back to bf's place after lunch even tho' she gotta work after that. hahaha. and i think I'd always take her for granted. muahaha! bf knocks off earlier than expected and so he waited for me at home.. few mins before reaching, i told him 下来帮我拿bag leh.. 很重leh. but when i reached, he asked 你的bag leh? i showed him my handbag. LOLOLOL!! he thought i was carrying a few paperbag a of heavy clothes but actually i was just pulling his leg. muahahah what a bad gf. his face went from -.-" to :) saying i fooled him.. Heihei. for the first time after so many months, baobei and I finally took afternoon nap. was already 7pm when i woke up hungry! went to brush my teeth and wash my face before switching on the lights & waking him up. told him it's already 7! he mumbled "lj ! 又要骗我.. 七点, 七你的头啊. i continued "你看你的handPhone lor" 

he merely opened half his eye to doubel confirm. And......... my silly and sometimes stupid, bf, jumped out of bed in panic shouting "huh? 今天礼拜啊?! 不是!! 是拜一!! 死啊迟到了..." i broke into laughters telling him it was 7pm instead of 7am! he blamed me for fooling him again hahaha but i said i only told him it was 7, i didn't said it was am or pm right? he himself blurrrrrrr la. LOLOLOL then he laughed at himself.. went to wash up and then brought me to noelle's signature again for dinz. FORGETFUL ME ORDERED THE WRONG FOOOOOOOD. makes me so grumpy and disgusted because salsa grilled fish was never my thing and never will be. tsk! it was supposed to be sambal chilli grilled :( fml didn't even finish half of my dinz. 

couldn't sleep because of the nap earlier and so i decided to do a lock screen and changed baobei's wallpaper. hehe, uploaded it on fb and insta, no idea why i hav problems uploading videos here. so... too bad. 
Overdues overdues 

Ha ha

Saturday, September 20, 2014

seeing you go through what you put me through is priceless

an impromptu brunch together with maverick rayhan and grace @ pastamania on Saturday. before i start, i would like to wish maverick a happy birthday even tho' he might not see this, okay idk if he will or not. hah 

cabbed back to baobei's place to do the laundries, quick prepare before he's back from work. wonder why I'm always washing clothes? hehe been splurging too much and be ca u se my fat has peculiarities on his worn clothes. even if he only wear it down to pack food, he would still think it's dirty and would throw it in the basket for me to wash.. apart from that, he always say 我不这样做你哪里有东西做? whenever i nag at him. hahaha idiotic. 

overdue pics! an impromptu k session with his fam after reporting on Friday. supa worn out! 

my friend... just know how my bf controls me too well, yet on the other hand, knows i would do what it takes for me and my loved ones even if i gotta go extra miles. i hope i would start working in no time, plz grant me with a suitable and comfortable job to adapt with lao tian ye! :')

Anyway, I'm proud of you too my girl.


hahahaha. I did it deliberately cos it's always me calling him instead of him when he's working. so, he passed! hahaha

saturdate with my man, my dear eewin and her bf naidi. virgin try at ssikkek Korean bbq like finally after a year! because this bitch promised to bring me there since like last year?!? lol. had a gr8 time laughing from the heart. she's one of my most irritating & annoying friend ever! but also the most truthful one :')

hmm, if you ask me, i would say it's quite similar to the traditional bbq steamboat except the marination part. it's authentic Korean style. for me, I prefer the spicy pork and the ribeye. best! so darn fuxkin fulllll. 
one of the picture i luv the most. Aww! 

next was to Chinatown for a supa longgggg and tiringggg boost. met up with rachel & tianshun there. yuanqing & sky joined us a while later. initial plan was to meet up with my girlz liling and yunhan. been a decade since we last met up and they're waiting for me :( 可是我就是每次都放飞机. hahahaha. i think they have the highest tolerance towards me. plz do not give up on me my dear girls. :P

sweet treats from the sweet girl Rachel. 

a picture of us before ending this post :) 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Today will never come again. Be a blessing, be a friend, take time to care.

I think it needs to be said that everyone is their own person and can do as they please and if it has no direct impact on your life then shut the fuck up and keep your opinions to yourself. 

like I've said, the best companion for a sushi feast have always gotta be grace. she'll just reach my place in less an half an hour after a call from me. but today, maverick came along with us. okay fml, can't stop splurging on clothes everytime i'am out. tsk, but maybe becos i'am quite self conscious about my appearance, I hate wearing similar clothes like every week or people seeing me in the usual clothing in months. it is boring! moreover, my fat doesn't refrain me from spending money, that explains why I'm such a spendthrift. 

kudos to my bao, happened to come across this in fb and it is spreading! :D so who says 好事不出门坏事传千里? just in case you don't know, he's the boss of villa's kitchen located at clementi ave 4 blk 431. people, if you're searching for good food at Econ price, you should be there! :) 

i'am always blessed with nice friends. grace sent me all the way to baobei's place right after brunch! :) did the laundries and hang the clothes while waiting for baobei to be back from work. 


alright so it was jln malumalu for aunt's birthday dinner. finally gathered after so long.. heehee 

so basically, it's just like any other tze char and the food was like on an average 5 on the scale of 10. the most awful dish was the shark's meat. oh my gawd I just literally spit out at my first bite. eew it taste like jelly. 

anyway, raging mode ON! i was happily blogging while waiting for baobei to be done with reporting and he made me switch app to chat w him. guess what happened next? MY WHOLE PHONE CRASHES. SO FARKIN PISSED! 

Happy birthday my dear girl. Luv u!

Discussed our plans for marriage and making of babies earlier. I know it's a tad too early but I don't wanna give birth at a later age. Haha kiasu me I know. But it's baobei's idea okayyyy. Shall consider before making harsh decisions.. 

Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let bitterness steals your sweetness. Take pride that even though the world may disagree you still believe it to be a beautiful place.