Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love is what keeps you going on

it was an impromptu trip to Enoch's restaurant as we haven't been there since he started his business.

so we had half dozen of escargots, bread and butter as for appetizer. Duck leg confit, pan seared seabass, steak and fries, beef bourguignon for the mains. 

Burrrrrp! I guess there's only one word to sum up our dinner & that's "awesome" anyone who loves Italian food, don't mind traveling to joo Chiat road just opposite KALLANG 112 shopping mall, "Le Petit Paradis" nice ambience with cheerful staffs attending to you..

After our fulfilling dinner was to ninethirty cafe for my all time favourite caramel butterscotch brownie. 

Now you know why i'am gaining so much weight :'( but they say 能吃是福 so who cares? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You had me at a point where I'd leave the entire world just to be by your side

hmmm last wednesday was an impromptu met up with grace, lanying and ved for lunch @ villa's kitchen.. had so much food i almost couldn't breathe because of my bloatin tummy! ichiban sushi right after villa's kitchen because of the troublesome grace. and you know it is still v hard for me to resist when a variety of sushis are just right in front of me. so despite of feeling v bloated already, i still had to order afew of my favourite jap cuisine like salmon, mentaiyaki sushi, chawanmushi etc. :( always saying diet but not determined enough.. 

you know you don't care what kind of beer as long as there's beer you'd still drink it when you can't sleep... fml 

Out of so many times i prepare breakfast for my fat boyf, this is the first compliment i got from him. usually i just have to keep pestering him with ques like nice anot? full anot? too salty? tasteless? but that fine morning, he came to the kitchen himself, & hugged me telling me it's v nice. hahaha! 再早起来也值得咯 :)

Seems like I'm having sushi almost everyday. yes with grace! ^^

Decided to trim my own fringe and yes back to bangs! because i feel my high forehead is making my face look so much like a fat and flat pancake. 

The boyf got a shock when he came back from work and there he went nagging & nagging about my hair. LOL! What's done cannot be undone my dear? met up with damien & shaobao @ teckwhye, had a quick bite before accompanying the fatty to his weekly report. 

Still the best bkt, to me.

Got a surprise wapp from Jolene asking me out to party! Of cos I didn't turned her down but also because I was supposed to meet grace for drinking sess initially so i joined the two groups together. went to meet 'em at planet. so familiar yet so strange. After planet was sonar to meet shir. chanced upon harold there and i had my v first cup of hard liquor after 1 or 2 years? Eew! aura next, the boyf sudd showed up with his grp of friends..... duhhhhhh. party girls went low low low muahaha

But first, let us take a wefie!

Remember you don't need a certain number of friends just a number of friends you can be certain of

finally a chance to feel the beat, the loud base of music! ^^ waited for my fatty to knock off before heading to tpy for some good food & beer. the rich tomyum soup served with generous portion of seafood was so goooood! headed down to aura to meet up with damien and kelvin while the rest of 'me join us aftermath. tianshun & rachel, jeffrey, Enoch & wife, shaobao, and nicholas. after 4 towers of beer, they decided to clubhop and so it was sonar then 1+1 next.. oh my gawd i can't believe how worn out i was when it's only like 2am in the night. accompanied them till 5am before rushing the boyf home. mad tired but it was a fun night 

Combo platter @ aura. plz excuse me my dear tummy cos I get really hungry easily lately. Sorry not sorry? :)

Rachel & I @ sonar 

this can be the best thing for a hungry woman after a tiring night & few hrs of sleep. hehehehe

Yesyes, im back to being a red monsterrr. it wasn't a harsh decision as ive thought abt dying my hair red for several months already. didn't chose the pinkish red that i tried the last time because i wanted something like a darker tone of red, was quite afraid that my hairstylist aunty didn't get what i meant but yes she did! very satisfied with my new colour. 

no no this ain't mutton masala. forgotten the name of it but it is some kind of diced mutton sauce that goes along with naan. so much better than mutton masala ^^ 


a clear conscience laughs at false accusations

held a small & simple advanced birthday celebration for babygirl, gathered afew of our friends at clubjuly with my fav cousin who missed jolene v much. muahaha! it was supposed to be at dempsey's idle but becos i couldn't reach 'em and they prefer a nearer and convenient place so it was at the usual chill out place. hope she enjoyed herself & the little jpops i got for her.

Jay-oh-lene with her jpops

The girls: Jolene lanying elaine and valerie

Group of us taking #wefie! 

Grace joined us shortly free she knocks off but jolene have already left. tooooo bad grace, try harder next year :P

so now you know uh.. new trend to talk in toilet

The day after was little princess's 3rd month celebration. just in case you're wondering why we held a celebration when she's already 3 months old, that's because in malay's tradition they don't usually hold a full moon when the baby reaches 1 month but they do it when babies are at 3 months old. 

just by looking at pictures of the pretty door gifts, and decorations of the celebration shows how blessed and fortunate our lil princess is right? grow up pretty, healthy, loving and kind plz our lil princess. all of us loves all of you.