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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

twenty percent of the truth is enough to make you cry don't rush to show your teeth too quick

couldn't decide between sleeping or having my supper earlier on which is why i'am here blogging at such early hour. didn't had a proper meal since yesterday because i was so mad i literally starved myself. ok it's stupid to torture myself i know. another reason i was too lazy to pack my own food moreover macdonald's never a choice to me, not at any moment. so sick of fast food already~ so somebody got up early, went to get granny's and my breakfast before heading off. was craving for mee soto ever since i got a taste of how delicious it is but unfortunately it was too early the soup wasn't ready yet. hurhurhur~  

oh yes! almost forgotten, was supposed to meet up with cindy on friday to attend jingjing's wedding dinner but fuck, i expected myself to be skipping it already because i haven't even catch a single wink till noon that day.. facing screwed body clock problem once again. spent the whole week at home only for granny so there's actually nothing to blog about just repeating the routines every single day yup. 

i find it funny as fuck how people try and tell you how you should live YOUR life. like bitch stay in my shadows thank you lol :')

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

don't rush anything, when the time is right it will happen.

haven't been keeping my space updated for close to a week as i've been catching up with drama 後宫甄嬛传.

friday night spent with jolene, lanying and elaine at july. so good to have my own time, breathes and inhale all the fresh clean air :D finally seperated with fat for while. very not coincidentally saw jeff there with kiwi so we gathered inside as Elaine wanted to sing. chilllllllll

overdues taken over a decade with fat. 

spent the rest of my weekend slogging. i literally slept the whole weekend away. other than bathing & waking up for food, the rest of the time i'm on bed. lazy worms in me lately no idea why. this is why joey claimed I'am born a sloth. lolwtf. what a way to describe :/

i think a lot of people don’t understand what real romance is. anyone can buy flowers and candy and jewelry, there’s no love in that. the truly romantic things in life are those little things you do every day to show you care, and that you’re thinking of them. it’s going out of your way to make them happy. the way you hold her hand when you know she’s scared, or you save the last piece of cake for him. the random text in the middle of the day, just to say “I love you” or “I miss you”. the way he stops to kiss you when he passes by. it’s dedicating her favorite song to her, and letting her eat your fries… and telling her she’s beautiful, even when she’s in her sweats.. with her hair in a ponytail and no makeup. it’s putting your favorite show on pause so she can tell you about her day, and laughing at his joke even the really lame ones. it’s slow dancing in the kitchen and kissing in the rain. romance isn’t about buying, it’s about giving. true romance is in the gestures :) you're a lucky one if you understands the whole article like you've been treated like that. appreciate and be grateful 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Nothing lasts forever, this is all we get, now we’re holding on together, hanging by a thread.

I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn't need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame crap they do. The first thing that comes to my mind is that they have got nothing better to do. Oh well oh well, stalkers gonna stalk, players gonna play, haters gonna hate and fakers gonna fake. Idgaf just gonna continue doing me :) 

People often thinks that somebody's posts are about them. Truth is it probably isn't, but they see themselves in it. Suggestion, don't get upset with the mirror, fix the damn reflection. Ha

So grateful to have friends always there for me no matter what time it is when I need them they'll always be there. So thankful to have a brother like Weilun.w! I was in a foul mood last night and he immediately came to meet up with me after I randomly phoned him at 12midnight asking him for afew bottles. Had a tiff with my bf.

So we spent the night at yewtee food court exchanging thoughts and meanwhile reminiscing the past. How I wish I can turn back time, when we were just 14. Everything and everyone were so simple naive and true. Happiness was as easy as just spending time with friends enjoying what we were all doing. We don't go for brands or fame unlike now, the realistic world that often make us learn the hard way. Jeff initiated to send us back and then memories started flashing again. It can't be helped not like as if I can control my mind neither can he. Haha if I were to continue I guess this post would be a never-ending one. Hurhurrrr~ :) hmmmm. 

Cause this is my space and I got all rights to speak and pour my inner thoughts. I don't like playing games cause I'm not a hideous kinda person. If you dislike it, don't read. You're not oblige to visit my page anyway. But if you're just too interested, feel free to. It's always open to public here :D 

The truth always come to light. We all knows right? 

My all time fav khaki haha

Monday, November 10, 2014

Your shining light will be my guide, leads me to a place, where I don’t need to hide

trash talked by many, hated by some. guess how many fucks i give? it's less than one and close to none 

weekends always flies by in a blink of an eye.. was supposed to be at Jacqueline's babygirl's ONEderful birthday @ chevrons but gave it a missed as time clashes. celebrated kelvin's advance birthday at Jbar together with tianshun, his wife, kechik, tengwei, his gf, xiaoming, mingfeng, keongkeong and the rest of soonseng people. the music was soooo good except that my khaki jolene oh wasn't there with me for the Saturday night rave unlike the other Saturday nights in the past. and when "crazy baby" played, it reminds me of my late best friend nah weilun. sigh nightlife have never been crazier than it was with him.. moving on, baobei and i left at around 1am.. too tired for night life already. jialat!

对我疼爱有加的宝贝 虽然经常惹我生气.

15 secs on stage. BRUH, thumbs up! lol! a pity i can't upload any videos here with my phone. anyone knows of any app that's able to upload videos other than YouTube?

our first two pics together Anna.

pedicure done for the month, Barbie pink so unlike me. 
errrr when was the last time i had bird nest? more than a year i guess? used to have it almost everyday in the past and now the habit seems to kick in after having a bottle at home. 拖外婆的福 :D

绝无二句. muarks

Have been feeling nausea yesterday noon when i woke up. thought it was the cause of hunger but as soon as i had afew bites the feeling of throwing up became stronger. sigh gastric probs! -.-" 

 Despite feeling so sucky, I would still have a small portion of rice because there's a pot of my fav yong tau fu soup in the kitchen. that's why granny always say 我有口福. 每次不必讲, 我一有回来外婆家, 就一定喝得到外婆的ytf. 还是吃了家里的饭和汤最暖胃, felt a lot better after consuming some.. 

Lazed on bed the whole day and Valerie came up to granny's place to do some catch up as we're supposed to have dinner together. While chatting, I got a sudden crave for magnum almond and so i phone him to get it back for me when he knocks off, then this playful bf said to me that i didn't give him any spare cash he got no money and he's not gonna be back soon. (I'am his treasurer) :P BUT just 5-10 mins after we hang up, he's already back with a magnum on his hand. hehehe! Get to see baby alaryce for a short while when we send val back. Seeing her do all kinds of different expressions, even baobei's heart melt... Received an app from xiaohao baobei asking if i'm asleep? hahaha idiot la how can i be asleep when i'am online? Ke ai. and his motive was wanting me to bomb wei hao. haha mission accomplished within half an hour, island flat! swear this pirate kings' gonna drive me crazy. idk how many times i've thrown my phone for it. :/ 

How very true. 

i'am always confident of how a person feels for me. and yep, i'm proven right. no further elaboration needed. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

people these days gain attention by losing respect

made a trip to the lim family's hub to pass Celine a carton of instant white coffee mix as we have a plenty of 'em.. nobody's gonna finish it anyway. spent afew hours with the sweetheart enni, helped fix her leggo cargo but she destroyed it right after I'm done. grrrr! i spent a lot of time figuring how to fix 'em okay! haha naughty girl.

and since we're there at jurong, went to queue for boon lay power nasilemak :P 

look, she's very into "eggs" kinder surprise i meant. we'll always get her afew whenever we see her & then she'll leave the pieces of toys aside after unveiling the surprise toy in the egg or bug you to fix it for her and will do it over and over again. she just loves surprises I guess? which children don't? 

i hope my future kid would be as cute & lovely as her la! :) she melts our hearts whenever she randomly mention our names to Celine, like, "这个是安琦姐姐(pointing at my picture) & 这个是安琦姐姐的korKor" (Referring to baobei) awwww! 
finally finally, after bugging baobei for several weeks, we're finally catching "let's be cops" and i swear it was an awesome clip! exactly like what i expect. had a good time laughing. too good! 

after movie, met up with this bitch together with her bf naidi & my fav cousin David for supper. 

nothing beats a bowl of hot mutton soup in a chilly weather. 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb

weekends are finally over and i've also completed my mission :D how about yours? 

spent half of my friday doing the house chores like getting the dirty sheets changed, washing and putting the laundries out and finally vacuuming and removing dusts trapped in every corners of our room. baobei came to fetch me for some groceries shopping after he knocked off as we're having guests at night, which is elson, joanna, wilson and celine :) and of course not forgetting the little terror enni and the little botak enxuan as well. it was more than just weekly catch up & gathering session now i know because i found joy in preparing delicious dinner for my friends too, not just cook for the sake of cooking.. 

so glad it's up to standard and i got no complains unexpectedly. hahaha, becos usually Wilson will be like "wa taste awful" or "you cook de can eat anot?" but surprisingly he didn't so i assume they're satisfied with the dinner I prepared ya? 

spaghetti with mushrooms and meatballs, cheesy hotdogs wrapped in bacon slices, minced meat egg, yong tau fu soup and steamed fish. got compliments so it's not as bad as i expected. 

so eggcited for the upcoming meet up sess with the two couples the next saturday and this time round it's gonna be elson and Joanna's turn to cook for us. wonder what they're gonna come up with.. 

and since we've got acetone here, Joanna decided to remove her pedicure which are almost falling off already.. and then her 24/7 filial hub volunteered to do it for her instead. haha so envious of them, i think we'd all melt if all our bfs are willing to do such thing for us la! 

one word to sum up our saturday night, awesome. my hard works paid off even tho' it's very tiring. lucky i have my fatty there to wash the dishes for me. oh yes and i've learnt not to look down on housewives anymore becos they have the longest working hours and endless tasks to take care of. I know now, that whipping up a dinner for six isn't as easy as i thought it was already, leave alone doing the house chores, and taking care of babies the whole day & night. 

had a good long sleep before gettin my ass off the bed to prepare myself and the things i'am supposed to bring to the "surprise" advanced birthday party for my dear fatty at east coast park. ohmygawd he almost spoiled the whole plan and mood on that day haha heaved a sigh of relief when it all went smooth and successful. 
while waiting for the right time to leave home, he made me cook a packet of instant noodles (prolly too hungry after work) hahaha not knowing there's a bbq sess afterwards. 

he was shocked when he saw wilson there at the chalet and the next thing he did was "臭宝贝! 骗我hor?! " hahaha glad we all put a smile on his face and after a whole month of preparation under table cooperating with his brothers i can finally stop hiding my phone away from him afraid he would see the whatsapp group chat. also, would like to thank velle sissy for helping me book when i wasn't able to do so on my phone, Wilson for checking in early, the friends that took time out to attend the birthday party and all his brothers for making themselves a part of this surprise celebration (some by providing beers, foods, & cakes, and some by suggesting ideas) most importantly we hid the secret well enough to allow zero awareness from the birthday boy! :) so happy when i see him happy too and i hope he appreciates all the effort we've put in and made. 

our virgin snap with the little botak #velinsiaenxuan :D 

Awfully chocolate cake didn't turn out as good as i expected though. 
The birthday boy with his boys

We all know they had fun when we see teeths instead of just smiles. right? :) 

stayed up the whole night doing girls talk with celine while the boys stayed outside to chat in a group. 

I got to say, Goldkist is definitely not gonna have me there for the second time with them after the first bad experience.. the only thing they provided us was one towel, two beds, a fan, an empty fridge, a non working air conditioner and a television for goodness sake! we were stunned upon knowing we have to pay for everything we asked for, by paying rents at the counter and there's no refund on check out except for the boiler. like extra towels each at $5, barbecue pit for $25 too! wtf? i thought we are supposed to have a pit each for all the chalet suites & rooms? i'd rather pay a higher amount for a better and cleaner chalet la? imagine the floor wasn't cleaned thoroughly, the aircon wasn't working, there were sands in the toilet, the sandy feeling you get when your body got in contact with the bed (even tho they had a white sheet covered on top), and the dim lighting at the bbq pit that makes us strain our eyes all the time.. you wouldn't want to really sleep there even just for a day... other than the tv and fan, i was utterly disappointed with all the others.  

nevertheless, it's still the best company that makes you forget all the awfulness afterall. the whole celebration was filled with so much laughters especially when the boys were busy playing soccer and open numbers. hahaha! am really grateful to everyone and I hope my fatty did had fun too.

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's okay to be a lightstick sometimes we need to break before we shine

dragged my feet out to the saloon to have my hair done after a whole 2 months of not doing anything about the ugly roots. heh heh it was a surprise phone call from the always-missing velle sissy (even tho she's never missing from me) waited for her to have her haircut and off for my brunch! so madddd hungry. and it's a fix for pepper lunch whenever Joey's around since he hates jap cuisine so much. 

And wtf? I heard taking naked pictures of oneself and sending to an opposite sex is a definition of loving themself. yes no? OMG I CANNOT RIAOZXZX .......

YESSSSS! finally met up with my sushi khaki cos she's back from Korea after 6 longgg days. to me, it's long because it means i'am not gonna have any proper jap cuisine without her. yumyum 

Went to pay Papa'Y a visit since he's been bombing my phone for the longest time. muahaha and he gave me a very very cute hand phone kum lighter. buey TAHAN forever treating me like a small kid :)

so what's for the night? drinking and slacking at yewtee area with my dear dabian liling then home to heat up the dishes granny prepared for baobei after his OT. too much ketchup so juicy! :P

why do i have to deal with such problems every morning? :( Forever having 胃涨风 problem. medications seems useless to me already SUCKS! and my annoying bf, bugged me for movie yesterday night. but wait, I wanted to watch let's be cops for the longest time but he's telling me we're gonna catch kungfu jungle with zhiyi jingting tianshun & rachel. but as soon as we were all seated then i got to know that we were actually watching sifu vs vampire. SIMI LAN. lol, I got the clumsiest bf ever and it makes him cute at times, AT TIMES ONLY! LOL okay he's quite lucky because the movie was quite hilarious. will be back as soon as i can. so looking forward to the weekends! :D