Saturday, October 25, 2014

And from now till my very last breath this day I'll cherish.

made full use of the PH as it's only the extra time baobei have for me other than his usual off days.. woke up early & did a quick preparation before heading to woodlands centre for the famous seafood soup!

it was sooooo good other than having us waited for more than like an hour.. the fish was so tender, the crayfish at it's freshest and the prawns were too juicy! not forgetting the generous serving of minced meat even tho' the soup was only half filled or lesser than that. I will definitely go back for more! 
These 3 bowls cost around $28.
-4A woodlands centre #02-11
-blk 19 marsiling road as well. 

So baobei and I headed to paragon after having our fills, wanted to get him a gstar pants but the one i eyed on was already OOS. SO ANGRY :( 

And my this lao hor open big mouth. it was supposed to only be gstar pants but he eyed on another one at evisu when I brought him in. grrrr! $455 leh uncle.. anyway, it's supposed to be his birthday present so shall let him pick then. 

next was to serangoon nex shopping mall to meet up with his fam. spent the whole noon at the mall till prolly about 6pm? Proceeded to ECP next for some seafood and fresh breeze along the pavement near the seaside. oh my! The lots were fully occupied so crowded I almost went bonkers -.-" seriously have zero level of patience leh me little bit little bit vent anger de.. Only had afew bites because of the mood ruined. Baobei then brought me to another place for dinner and also packed granny's. 

hehehe baobei have been off for consecutively 2 days! :) keeping me well-accompanied and waking early for my breakfast. went to try the mee hoon kuey that he said was "sooo good" but i find it okay only. But of course above average :)
Home for a short nap before heading for our dinner, I got no idea why but have been craving for salmon so badly recently even tho i'am having salmon like almost every single day :( and so baobei brought me to granny's place first to pack her dinner before heading to have a truckloads of mentai sushis and also sashimi. hehehe! Homed, cleaned up and ready to sleep but he forced me out again! grrr act like he's still having his off days to clear. 


heated up the croissant baobei got for me from delifrance and left it on the table for my breakfast before leaving for work.. and he knocked off early again :) Came back home to fetch me & off we went to Jurong again. my first time going into the station with him and so fortunately! the machine was down, hahaha waited for less than 10 min and he's out already. hohoho! proceeded with our plans, but first we rushed to get me food as I was famished! it seems almost impossible for me to shed off fats when I'm constantly looking for food and am always hungry :( packed granny's dinner and my lovely baobei initiated and persuaded granny to come along with us wherever we go because he's afraid granny would be so bored at home alone. :) SO MUCH LOVE FOR HIM OMG. (Only for ytd) hahaha. 

After sending granny home for medications, helped her on the aircon before she turns in. Fetched my fav cousin David after he's done with his basketball. So it was upppp serangoon for the hokkien mee that youngersis recommended. An additional chilli cost 50 cents for each plate. So proud to be a spicy taker because youngersis was literall tearing while eating she said. hahaha! Giving it an 8.5 out of 10 :D 

Well this was just another side order cousin bought, and surprisingly the chee cheong fun tastes just like what I always have from Malaysia, so smooth and thin with generous filling and a very light sweet sauce. HEN HAO CHI. 

Afterall, our dinner costs us $90 just 3 plates of hokkien mee and a plate of chee cheong fun. FUCK YOU FATIMAH! 

knew it. she forced you to. but anyway, good luck.

We were only at question 2 when I asked baobei. And he went frowning & said "wa cb" HAHHAHAHAHA LOLOLOL! I CANNOT TOOOOOO.


thought we're just gonna proceed with our initial plan of catching a movie but ended up meeting his elder bro instead because he was in a low spirit, his uncle and younger bro came along and so we had dinner together. it went a lil chaotic at night when a fight broke out. and i injured my leg so damn fucking pissed that i got nowhere to vent and instantly rang Jolene up. grrrr! i think it was also my first time raising my voice at his younger bro and i felt utterly remorseful after afew days though he was partly at fault. but i was just too angry I hope he knows I didn't meant to do that.... (Even tho he's really naughty at times) 

My man really NEEDS to go for a hair cut! I cannot look at his thick and mushroom-liked hair every now and then. tsk so untidy but he's just too lazy -.-"
LOOK. the sharp pain even tho it's merely a slight cut. Zzz! Angst at the highest level.

well on sunday morning, baobei set alarm and woke up early to get me kfc porridge as i've been craving for it for the longest time. heehee! YUMMMEH~ 
spent the later part of the day at cousin's new crib together with the maternal sides' cousins and our lil smiley princess pyzra! :D her smiles and grins are just able to boost not only mine but everyone's mood. oh my darling! 

whipped up a simple dinner together with biao jiefu in the kitchen while the rest were just lazing at the living room. air-fry the chicken wings, and prepared spaghetti, smoke salmon and also seafood chowder. simple dishes like these with awesome companion makes me happy :) 

decided to meet up with this bitch as i was too bored at home when baobei's at work. settled out brunch at mos burger and then we had some fresh salmons and mango sago dessert. songz! and while i was chatting with jolene, this eewin sent an audio note to disturb her hahahaha knowing she's fallen sick and still annoying her on purpose, evil eewin. 

At the later part of the day, David my favourite cousin came along to join us together with Eewin's bf. Shopped around before I left to meet up with my man. cpf board to get things done but they couldn't get my info from the system so I'll have to contact the main hotline for assistance -.-" waste time. 

hahahaha. so ke ai polka prints wear out together. noelle's signature for my fav sambal grilled fish and this time round I tried their potato salad instead of mashed potato. so sad to say it failed me badly! 
and as usual my man had his medium well steak. 

happy girl me was brought to daily scoop to have my craving satisfied! :P met up with David and naidi for some short boozing sess before home! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The world is so much busy of making money, and love doesn't make them happy.

this is me trying to be funny. LOL but I get a lot of feedbacks saying it's creative. haha :D got this inspiration from my fatty who always calls me a PIG. ha ha ha bleahhhhh! 

I can't always cut down on words talking about weilun or whenever i visits him. and yes, i just went there alone to pay him a visit since it's been so long i haven't do ever since im back to my normal self, meaty and healthy.. 

to be honest, My eyes were still filled with tears when i looked at the picture on the tombstone. and then the images of him flashes at the back of my mind. the voices of him the words he said and so much more :'( 

captions up on ig and fb. 

(Pardon for this long post. Just visited @socialboysboyka and too much emotions stirred up) 

Hey elg, You have passed on for almost a year now. I can’t say it has been easy learning to live without you. Heading into year one, I can say I have started to make real progress. I can talk about your death without crying. I can look people in the eye and tell them how you passed on. And now I finally feel like I can be honest with myself about you. I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will never see you again. It was incredibly difficult to reconcile my desire to see you again with my belief that there is no afterlife. I used to look for you everywhere, hoping that you were watching over me and sending me signs, and it still feels like just yesterday that you were drunk shouting my name. And my dearest friend, i'll never forget everything you did for me & I'll keep you in my heart forever.



MAI SNG LEH BAO! ������ 

villa's kitchen for early dinner with baobei before his weekly report. was supposed to have my fav ice cream from daily scoop but fuck! we were both tooooo bloated :( went home to pay mom & dad a visit. also played with my smelly cute little baby �� gave July a missed as we were running out of time, so we shall postpone the date alright, Jolene & Jodi! :/ turned in quite early together. snuggles. 

Dad always repeat 你买给爸爸的gstar衣服很美很美 whenever he wears it on. so cute de, don't know isit make me happy only. muahz

I'll be happy because you said I must be

planned to get my dbl choco from cbtl before meeting jolene & bf because i was too impatient to wait for the bf to fetch me there as i was MADD famished! travelled to westmall first as it's been a long time since both joey and i do some catch up. so while catching up he also accompanied me wait for bf. insufficient time to get my craving satisfied, sadly.. 


heyyyy baby! am really considering to get the similar camera because you just simply have to snap and it's amazing beautify function gives a dreamy effect that every fucking woman would love as much as I do.. Aww but the first photo looks abit fake though. haha :x who cares? i'am not ugly irl anyway :P

settled @ 359 for tzechar while bf and his colleagues proceed with their daily boozing sess. ha ha abit boliao i know but no~ look below! 

LAI LIAO LOR. This girl started her drinking pattern liao lor. LOL!! 

did so much of ketchup with her these few days we practically laughs and criticize on the same fucking thing. never get sick of it. girls, learn to love yourself plz. 

unexpectedly, a tiff with bf because we hardly do.. but fuck once i flare i give zero fucks. too bad! haha thanks for bearing with me my fatty.

and most imptly, thanks for the baby who's always there. like finally, the only person I feel SUPER COMFORTABLE spilling ALL my emotions to. i tend to fake a strong front but y'know everybody have got weaknesses. and since forever, she's the only person I'll never hide my feelings to.

club July to chill.

met up with my fav girl Valerie scal :D and also prolly because she's a Gemini, we shares the same character & temper. aiya in short, we're just so alike yet different. haha nobody understands this but i know she do.. as soon as i got home, the bf called on the dot, coax me til I'm willing to go home with him. hahaha xiaojie piqi he says 

quoted from jingjing's twitter. find it quite true and relatable. 

since he's got enough time to spare, for a quick lunch with me, he came back with tianshun. yea i know he looks damn haggard with his untidy mustache and tired eyes, cos he's too busy working for me :/ 

met up with grace maverick and Jodi xiaomei finally, for sushi again :D Yea, I had lunch with baobei already and immediately had sushi next. too hard to resist you see.. I am a sushi lover no doubts 

and oh did I mentioned that I splurged on clothes again? :( forever spending money and then it fits so perfectly that i wanted to back to get the other 5 colours with the same design. so glad baobei did not forbid. 


you're still the one who knows me best, and you know i do too. it was really an unexpected text. 

thanks for loving me forever like you said.