Tuesday, September 30, 2014

20 facts about myself

 20 facts about myself requested by one of my reader jerline. so here it is.. 

1 - I hate cats.
2 - I am a super light sleeper and would flare at whoever wakes me up.
3 - I have a stucked up face that makes most girls hate me but honestly idgaf.
4 - I have an extremely hot and short temper to the extend idk how my friends are able to tolerate. 
5 - I always get my friends to bomb my phone if i got to wake up the next morning, when in fact they would prolly get a real bad scolding or attitude prob from me over the line when they do so. oops.
6 - I almost couldn't step out of depression last year for a couple of months after a failed r/s but my current bf brought me back to life and i finally move on and I sincerely hope my ex would last long w his gf as well, still friends :) 
7 - I've learnt too much during my hardest period last year and I couldn't thank my friends enough for the constant care, concerns and support. 
8 - I am a woman with high ego 
9 - I don't care if you're rich/poor as long as I love you, and as long as you're my friend, I would treasure everyone of you. In short, I don't look for benefits in both r/s and friendships.
10 - I am a very naggy gf
11 - I can never live without spiciness 
12 - I am very straight forward and tend to offend people easily. 
13 - I have low tolerance towards people whom disrespects my granny
14 - I have a foul mouth but to be honest I am v soft hearted 
15 - I sucks in expressing my love and gratitude towards my parents but deep down I really love and cherish them a lot.
16 - I prolly have enough undergarments to wear for 365 days but I own less than twenty panties, so most of 'em are either tongs or T and G strings.
17 - I have small boobs and I don't feel inferior about it as long as i'am not FAT
18 - I am a good listener/advisor but it's otherwise when it comes to my own probs.
19 - I tend to keep most problems to myself
20 - I don't really care how people judge me because I'm too busy loving me :) 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

never assume every critic is a hater. not everyone is hating on you. some people are telling you the truth.

nothing special nowhere interesting on friday night just like the usual fridays, accompanied him for weekly report and while waiting i receive something which cleared my doubts after all these years even after i convinced myself not to seek for any answers anymore... i would really love to share it with all of you but since i've already promised not to post it on social media be it blog insta facebook twitter or any of my social platforms, i shall keep my promise. 

Can't think of any more mushy words already but just love him for loving the imperfect me. 

beautiful bride, we slept at 1am and woke up at 4am. goshhhhh! it is mad tiring okay! 
velle sissy and me finally.
the sisters theme uniform 
black x hot pink gelish this time.
appetizers for the groom & groomsman early in the morning. poor guys! if you're wondering what does these cups contain, there's ice kachang corn, chilli oil, lime juice and finally herbal power. i really wonder how they finish up the cup with a straw. gross! Lol
I wish the both of you successness in making babies, smooth journey as the both of you enters a new pace of life, sweetness overload till the end. May the both of you hold and give in to each other during hard times & never give up. 

was too busy to snap pictures of the v nice ambience there at pasir ris beach culture watercross. it is also my first time attending beach wedding :) the food were better than what we've all expected.. they started playing the helium balloon in a grp after Jeff & xiao feng left. Tianshun & wife, zhiyi & jingting, john & wife, baobei & me, nouvelle, and zhiming all of us tried playing with it hahahaha so fun! did a lot of catch ups with jingting yu-er while drinking an chilling by the outdoor bar near the sea. was super worn out already by 12am brought my drunkard bf back home so mad furious but at last I decided to forgive him because he sat there and waited till I'm done bathing. Feels clean and good after giving my hair a wash. Turned in right after. Dead beat!! 
look, I bought these mini wet tissues from cold storage so nicely designed and conveniently small in sizes. 

this is where you seperate the real from the fake. surround yourself with good hearted people and their energy will rub on you. help people around you grow, give them a helping hand, advice, a point in the right direction, introduce them to the right people, do whatever you can do, always help encourage growth. a good heart knows the benefits of giving without expecting something in return. if you love  someone and want to help them, don't do so with the intentions of gaining, do so because you want to see that person happy or succeed. Keep your circle strong 

A night at the beach with baobei. 
Tzx & Caq

Friday, September 26, 2014

想让我死的人 我也会拉你们一起陪葬

I know exactly how it feels to be betrayed yet being kept in the dark not knowing a single shit. i would've told you the truth if i were to be one of the few who knows what your partner did behind you if you are still a close friend of mine or if you did no harm towards me before. so for the rest, good luck. 

here's a close up of the 4 of us at the welcoming of nine emperors on tues :) Joanna, Me, Jolene and eewin. 

yesterday baobei's sis bought me a Mickey Minnie chocolate biscuits. So sweet of her right to always rmb I love snacks and tidbits.. it taste so much better than hello panda and the packaging too, looks so much cuter. well so it was shabu shabu for dinner with rachel, patricia, zeh and velle sissy :D had a good time! (except the part where my fatty rushes me)

HOME for beer with fat and zeh. it really aids for better sleep! :P


defeat is never final. you can always begin again. the seeds of a bright future are often sown in the hearts of the fallen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

if you treat someone like a celebrity don't be surprised that they treat you as a fan.

everything that happens, nobody saw it coming. the good things in our life, we did not predict, they simply unfolded. as you begin to recognize this you can relax and see that your life is unfolding according to a greater harmony 

this cuppa smoothie costs $8 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

be mindful of your actions. what you repeatedly do will eventually become who you are.

sushi for lunch with grace and maverick as usual. and while waiting i came across a hilarious scene. ha ha ha saw this boy in his sch uniform riding his bicycle when a flock of pigeons were blocking his way. didn't expected him to do the "wuff wuff" sound to chase them away. lolwtf! literally laughed out loud. 

got bored of my previous manicure, and so i decided to change it again but this time round i guess it's a wrong colour combination but too tired to change again. was already 7:30pm when im done with my nails baobei waited beside me till I'm done :) 

and as usual he have to bug me out for a "short" booze. went along with his decisions. picked tianshun and rachel before meeting kelvin and tengwei with his gf at Farmart. got home at only 1plus, after cleaning up, chatted with his mom till 4am while my fat is already snorin his way to dreamland already. so damn drained. 

hahaha two suaku! have anyone been through something like that? or isit only us. lol! 

mutton curry rice at amara hotel earlier this noon after interview. and yay i got the job. i hope im persistent and determined enough not to give up halfway.. and omfg my boss decided to bring me to seminar tomorrow which is my first day of work! already told him i don't like to socialize but he insisted but anyway it's only for a day so just hang on. i can do it! 

the first thing his sis questioned me when she saw me rushing to the bathroom to bathe was, "go where so early?" I said "interview lor" shocked, she said "Xiang finally let you go ah?" I told her "idc anymore I must go!" Hahaha 

THIS!!!! hahahahahahahahaha

right now i'am so drained i totally dont feel like speaking. idky but I've been pullin a long face after the welcoming ceremony of all the nine emperors. prolly too tired and knowing i have to wake up so early to squeeze in train tomorrow.. so dreadful but i really don't hav any more time to waste. i don't wanna still have nothing in my mid twenties. time waits for no man it's now or never.. 

gr8 day with jolene, oh'mama, oh'jiejie, eewin, joanna, and grace today and finally saw my dear yunhan! also bumped into chewping there :D and so after missing a year of this special ceremony last year, this time i brought baobei along but we went seperate ways as he went to help out the 4th sedan with raynard, weilong and jeff.. He looks so cute in the white uniform, haha. a pity i didn't had any chance to snap a pic of him. went back to granny's to take my blazer & dress. ready to charge tomorrow! All i need is a good bath & sleep rn. yawnz goodnight people! 

Monday, September 22, 2014

when you truly love yourself, you don't have enemies. they may hate you but you're too big to hate them back :)

i think i'am supa hardworking recently. been waking up together with baobei at 6:45am daily to pack breakfast for granny and he'll then proceed to work aftermath.  besides, we have been sleeping real early as well, like prolly around 11-12am. sometimes without cough syrup or beer to aid me for an easier sleep, i would then turn in like only at 3am :( it's always like that! 

been used to taking naps right after breakfast with granny & youngersis everyday waking at 12pm for lunch. i think i don't have to mention whom i had lunch with right? haha

look at our cheeky lil princess, so smiley! finally seen her after a long long time.. we all love you babygirl. 
can't wait to have my own! hao ke ai, look at how she grabs my little finger :'D
line video call with baobei while he's at work becos he misses babygirl too. and also Jolene, coincidentally joanna and gan ma were both beside her, so they get to see baby tooooo! haha Jolene says she likes baby's hair! :/ 

yesterday, a very rare guest came to join us for sushi feast. guess who? Eldersis lorrrrr. always looking for people to acc her for lunch whenever she's at her husb home. and luckily she apps me at the right time.. 

wo de grace very good de. always agree to send me back to bf's place after lunch even tho' she gotta work after that. hahaha. and i think I'd always take her for granted. muahaha! bf knocks off earlier than expected and so he waited for me at home.. few mins before reaching, i told him 下来帮我拿bag leh.. 很重leh. but when i reached, he asked 你的bag leh? i showed him my handbag. LOLOLOL!! he thought i was carrying a few paperbag a of heavy clothes but actually i was just pulling his leg. muahahah what a bad gf. his face went from -.-" to :) saying i fooled him.. Heihei. for the first time after so many months, baobei and I finally took afternoon nap. was already 7pm when i woke up hungry! went to brush my teeth and wash my face before switching on the lights & waking him up. told him it's already 7! he mumbled "lj ! 又要骗我.. 七点, 七你的头啊. i continued "你看你的handPhone lor" 

he merely opened half his eye to doubel confirm. And......... my silly and sometimes stupid, bf, jumped out of bed in panic shouting "huh? 今天礼拜啊?! 不是!! 是拜一!! 死啊迟到了..." i broke into laughters telling him it was 7pm instead of 7am! he blamed me for fooling him again hahaha but i said i only told him it was 7, i didn't said it was am or pm right? he himself blurrrrrrr la. LOLOLOL then he laughed at himself.. went to wash up and then brought me to noelle's signature again for dinz. FORGETFUL ME ORDERED THE WRONG FOOOOOOOD. makes me so grumpy and disgusted because salsa grilled fish was never my thing and never will be. tsk! it was supposed to be sambal chilli grilled :( fml didn't even finish half of my dinz. 

couldn't sleep because of the nap earlier and so i decided to do a lock screen and changed baobei's wallpaper. hehe, uploaded it on fb and insta, no idea why i hav problems uploading videos here. so... too bad. 
Overdues overdues 

Ha ha