Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Here's to the most persistent boyfriend, who tried to bring me back to life when i was still trapped in my own world, depressed and insecure. He's so different from the other bf-s that I used to have, normally they would just accept me & my flaws for who I am and the wrongs that I was doing unlike the current one. He showed me the right path where I should focus on, tried to change me by making me a better person, blending himself into my lifeless world when I was only busy numbing myself not being able to face the outside world after a failed r/s that I've wasted for 7 years close to 8. I didn't knew his reasons and intentions when blending into my life was to let me know how it feels to see someone you really care for, wasting their life locking themselves in the room just sitting and waiting for everyday to pass doing practically nothing until one day when I was pretty much sure that he, have slowly began to be someone important in my life, I hated seeing him leading the life I led, and how when all the disgusting and useless people ruined my whole world because of what I was doing, I stopped and tried stepping out. I got to admit it wasn't as easy as just stepping out and being back to my normal self at first but he patiently guided me through till now, a healthily happier and matured me. 

Even though he sucks in expressing his own feelings he's got the best thoughts for me no matter what he do. It was hard for me to get along with him & his weird character at first but as time passes, I guess I've found the way to deal with and understand his silence. There's always a reason for his doings, no matter i agree or not because it's always for my best interest. And even tho he've made mistakes in the past, I believe our r/s weren't that stable and mature at that point of time when both our minds/world were corrupted with narrow minded & paranoid peoples. I trust my instincts that he truly felt sorry and would make a better boyf before deciding to give him a chance to repent. Those who knows, know.. 

I probably didn't thank him enough for bringing me back to life when he was the only person who's so persistent about us, against the entire world. (Not forgetting afew of my supportive friends who trust that I would never do those despicable stuffs that others maligned me of) that's why there's a saying it is unnecessary to explain to those who don't trust you, and that goes without saying the people who trust you, don't need any explainations from you but I am really grateful god brought him to me. I was once very negative about him, and was overly judgemental about all the things he've done. To be frank, he was once the first person in my list that I used to condemn. Nevertheless, his patience towards changing me for the better, showing me that my life could be so much livelier and meaningful than just dealing with nasty people with vile and vicious character ruining my entire world changed my impression towards him. He showed me who I can rely on, who I should and shouldn't trust even tho I was too stubborn to follow back then but the truth came to light as time passes. He gave me all of the reasons why I should distance myself from people who would only do nothing but harm to me, gave me all reasons to stand up for myself even if it means standing alone, showed me that he will be there for me even if the whole world is gonna go against me and that they don't matter at all as long as we're ignorant to their dramas. And for all and more of what he've done for me, I want to hold his hands and do the best for him with no regrets at all, even tho at times he really gets on my nerves for being overly passionate towards every single friends of his. I'm willing and always will stand by him no matter rain or shine. Because I owe it to him for the happiness I feel right now. 

The tips to be able to overcome all obstacles was as easy as being truthful showing each other how and what outsiders have been doing trying all ways to break us up but still standing as strong as one. Thank you baobei. Happy 7th monthsary.

Monday, September 1, 2014

sometimes i wish i were a kid again. when skinned knees are easier to fix than a broken heart

back, fellow readers and stalkers *wide smile* both of us decided not to frequent clubs or spend on unnecessary stuffs anymore, saving for rainy days and maybe soon our big day? maybe maybe. his momma have been prompting us about applying for bto.. its not that i am unwilling to, i hope she understands but i got to do what i should to protect myself & at least not risk my future cos i am still not very sure if things would change anytime. i mean ya things are good now but afterall we've only been tgt for like 7 months. even the previous 7 years of r/s didn't assure me enough to apply a flat leave alone a 7 monthy. on the other hand it's also becos of my own insecurities, i don't wanna choose and waste my time on any guy who don't have any plans on settling down, we're aging.. We can't chase back all of the time we've lost you see. but i hope of cos, he's the right one.. 

really appreciate sweet lil gestures like that. at least, my friends would think of me even when they're overseas :)

few days ago, accompanied fat and john to one parliament to do their OT. and we passby this Capitol building finding the banner very interesting. 

whenever baobei sees that i'am too bored accompanying him & his fam, he'll initiate to get me ice creams. yes i am just THAT easily satisfied :P

hahahaha most of the people can relate ya? I can't, cos I'm not married yet. but sounds pretty funny so i shared w dad..

I think he THOUGHT i'm like having phobias in marriage becos of my failed r/s previously. It was just a random pic la actually.. and he tried consoling me by saying not every marriage are as bad. of cos i know~ But out of 10, 9 men cheats outside even thought they know their way home. with or without kids, I'm sure when a guy decides to marry any woman they've chosen, they're sure they want to spend their life with her and that the women they chose makes a good wife material ya? *winks*

back on track, yea i know i've been the biggest worry & headache for mum & dad and i know they loves me a lot. they supports me financially even when I'm already 22 and should be working and planning for myself. and i can't deny, partly becos i know my mum & dad will be there for me to rely on, that's why i didn't really start hunting for any jobs. another reason is becos my bf doesn't wants me to work as well.... Hmmm. But if any job opportunity knocks onto my door and suits perfectly for me, i wouldn't hesitate to get back on my feet again. afterall i've been slacking for way too long. close to 2 years already! 

They say I've put on weight and I look better. Of course better than being a skinny skeletal monkey :) Looking back at those skinny pictures of me makes me wonder what the hell was on my mind at that point of time man! Lol but some people like it that way I guess? Prolly cos they're not born naturally petite, I'm glad I am. Even tho I am considered petite no matter how much weight I gain, but sometimes I do feel like a short humpty dumpty ok! 

LOL HA HA HA! I was trying to make my lip thick enough so that i can look like her* but failed. sorry mouth too small :P


Thanks baobei I finally tried this! Nomnom ^^

At some point of time in our life, we have to walk away from the people who don't appreciates our care & concern that actually meant well at least we ourselves know we've done our part and our starting point were out of good intentions. gotta save yourself or nobody would.

because i came back to life, for you

okay I've been partying too much lately. planet with grace & co but my sandals just have to be so cruel to me by snapping even after having a bad day. thought i could slightly enjoy myself already after getting them replaced from 7-11 but the next kind thing my eyes did to me was, getting infected.

thanks to the bloodshot condition i was forced to leave the club an hour after i reached. back to boyf's place to wait for him to be back before i can tuck myself in. i think we've only slept separately twice in this 7 months of r/s, yea so we're kinda used to having each other beside or back-to-back before turning in.. who knowsssss i fell asleep upon waiting waking up to mad bad cramps at 3am. argh! torturous time of the month again
my tidbits box, filled by my fatty and his sis.

Happy birthday my dear babyeeee. I wish all good things befall on you. Love love love. No need for mushy words anymore cos I've already did right? Muahz

Received a very random text from 鱼儿 jingting asking if I'm over at bf's place. we met up downstairs for a stick becos she got me some hersheys all the way back from china! heeeheeeez, why so sweeeet. everyone remembers me lovin hersheys. and the cutest part was that they comes in different packaging like the ones in s'pore. appreciates all the lil sweet gestures like that

Next, night time I received a call from Eldersis saying she's gotten garrett popcorns for me. Aww it's been a long time since I had it anyway. so much yayness. Gotta stop sugar intake for the time being :P because look! The bf brought me to greenwich V to get my craving satisfied. Salted butterscotch again from awfully choco. He he

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Love is what keeps you going on

it was an impromptu trip to Enoch's restaurant as we haven't been there since he started his business.

so we had half dozen of escargots, bread and butter as for appetizer. Duck leg confit, pan seared seabass, steak and fries, beef bourguignon for the mains. 

Burrrrrp! I guess there's only one word to sum up our dinner & that's "awesome" anyone who loves Italian food, don't mind traveling to joo Chiat road just opposite KALLANG 112 shopping mall, "Le Petit Paradis" nice ambience with cheerful staffs attending to you..

After our fulfilling dinner was to ninethirty cafe for my all time favourite caramel butterscotch brownie. 

Now you know why i'am gaining so much weight :'( but they say 能吃是福 so who cares? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

You had me at a point where I'd leave the entire world just to be by your side

hmmm last wednesday was an impromptu met up with grace, lanying and ved for lunch @ villa's kitchen.. had so much food i almost couldn't breathe because of my bloatin tummy! ichiban sushi right after villa's kitchen because of the troublesome grace. and you know it is still v hard for me to resist when a variety of sushis are just right in front of me. so despite of feeling v bloated already, i still had to order afew of my favourite jap cuisine like salmon, mentaiyaki sushi, chawanmushi etc. :( always saying diet but not determined enough.. 

you know you don't care what kind of beer as long as there's beer you'd still drink it when you can't sleep... fml 

Out of so many times i prepare breakfast for my fat boyf, this is the first compliment i got from him. usually i just have to keep pestering him with ques like nice anot? full anot? too salty? tasteless? but that fine morning, he came to the kitchen himself, & hugged me telling me it's v nice. hahaha! 再早起来也值得咯 :)

Seems like I'm having sushi almost everyday. yes with grace! ^^

Decided to trim my own fringe and yes back to bangs! because i feel my high forehead is making my face look so much like a fat and flat pancake. 

The boyf got a shock when he came back from work and there he went nagging & nagging about my hair. LOL! What's done cannot be undone my dear? met up with damien & shaobao @ teckwhye, had a quick bite before accompanying the fatty to his weekly report. 

Still the best bkt, to me.

Got a surprise wapp from Jolene asking me out to party! Of cos I didn't turned her down but also because I was supposed to meet grace for drinking sess initially so i joined the two groups together. went to meet 'em at planet. so familiar yet so strange. After planet was sonar to meet shir. chanced upon harold there and i had my v first cup of hard liquor after 1 or 2 years? Eew! aura next, the boyf sudd showed up with his grp of friends..... duhhhhhh. party girls went low low low muahaha

But first, let us take a wefie!

Remember you don't need a certain number of friends just a number of friends you can be certain of

finally a chance to feel the beat, the loud base of music! ^^ waited for my fatty to knock off before heading to tpy for some good food & beer. the rich tomyum soup served with generous portion of seafood was so goooood! headed down to aura to meet up with damien and kelvin while the rest of 'me join us aftermath. tianshun & rachel, jeffrey, Enoch & wife, shaobao, and nicholas. after 4 towers of beer, they decided to clubhop and so it was sonar then 1+1 next.. oh my gawd i can't believe how worn out i was when it's only like 2am in the night. accompanied them till 5am before rushing the boyf home. mad tired but it was a fun night 

Combo platter @ aura. plz excuse me my dear tummy cos I get really hungry easily lately. Sorry not sorry? :)

Rachel & I @ sonar 

this can be the best thing for a hungry woman after a tiring night & few hrs of sleep. hehehehe

Yesyes, im back to being a red monsterrr. it wasn't a harsh decision as ive thought abt dying my hair red for several months already. didn't chose the pinkish red that i tried the last time because i wanted something like a darker tone of red, was quite afraid that my hairstylist aunty didn't get what i meant but yes she did! very satisfied with my new colour. 

no no this ain't mutton masala. forgotten the name of it but it is some kind of diced mutton sauce that goes along with naan. so much better than mutton masala ^^