Tuesday, July 29, 2014

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

true forgiveness is when you can say "thank you for that experience"

forgiveness is not about forgetting it is about letting go of another person's throat. forgiveness does not create a relationship unless people speak the truth about what they have done and change their mind and behavior, a relationship of trust is not possible. when you forgive someone you certainly release them from judgment, but without true change, no real relationship can be established... forgiveness in no way requires that you trust the one you forgive but should they finally confess and repent, you will discover a miracle in your own heart that allows you to reach out and begin to build between you a bridge of reconciliation. forgiveness does not excuse anything you may have to declare your forgiveness a hundred times the first day and the second, but the third day will be less and each day after, until one day you will realize that you have forgiven completely. then one day you will pray for his/her wholeness. 

forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.

Exposing the vulnerable sides of others wouldn't make you any stronger

the time shows 10mins past 2am right now and since im still wide awake i shall do a short post here.. haven't been expressing my inner thoughts for a long time i almost forgot how to or even whom i should spill it out to. met too many two-faced bitch, faced too many dramas that causes me to build up a wall and pause for awhile whenever i decided to throw out all the frustrations in me. it is nice to have an opposite sex best friend who understands you. they don't have to see you everyday, week or even month.. but still, they're almost 24-7 there and it's true most men makes a better friend than women. at least, they don't create drama out of nothing. i should say I'm blessed to have a number of them despite of the many female friends I keep. 

even so, i still do appreciate v much what my lovely ladies can do or is always doing for me. i'm that kind of lousy friend whom you wouldn't heard from for months unless you initiate looking me up or texting. that doesn't mean i don't cherish my friendships ya?

also i would like to take this chance to thank every single one of y'all whom email me no matter how frequent or not i update my blog. you guys know who you are i might not really know who you are but i see and feel all the concerns showed. haha cos it's really hard to find someone who accepts me for who i am yet still loves every bit of me. i know my lousy temper but either ways, thank all for still loving me :p 

don't worry I'll keep this site alive :) 

not gonna forget how my man sacrifices and give me his everything. he might have made a mistake but as long as he repent, everyone deserves a second chance i believe. it is those who don't repent, those who hold grudges and plot revenge that made hatreds grew with them that we should keep a distance to. and sometimes u can clearly see how each of them hurt their loved ones with each lies no matter towards their friends or partners. then it made me wonder, do they really love or is making use of their partners to pass time since there are zero commitments. sigh! well, don't take love to seriously too, you might end up being the one getting hurt. YOLO! live life to the fullest people. Muahz

Monday, July 21, 2014

i don't need your half-ass effort, either you're with it or not.

 before you start reading people, would like to apologize as i'am unable to upload as many pictures as i have in my phone as there's some faults with my cable, so i'll have to grab from facebook and it is very limited.

okay, the happy man got his abacus gold pendant after the few goldsmiths we visited. $500+ fly~ finally caught "dawn of the planet of the apes" with joeyL, as nice as i expected. and some parts were v touching but both of us were busy laughing throughout because of the sound effect made by those ape/gorilla/chimpanzee. muahaha! have been spending fat's money like a running tap :x many new clothes added to my wardrobe..

the other days i met up with lanying for a short while at clementi to collect the stuffs she got for me. lovin' the new pants & 4 pairs of lens from her. went to villa's kitchen for steak, took some painkillers from Ly before making my way home. was supposed to train back but in the end i still alighted at jurong east and hopped into a cab because the cramps were such a torment. waited for the pills to take effect before i napping, waking up feeling better and comfortable, so as usual accompanied him for his weekly report.

also went to visit Papa'Y one fine day after receiving his call. realized it's always him keeping in contact with me nowadays instead of otherwise :') got to dig out some time to accompany him more often. packed him lunch, did a short catch up before i left and he said i look so nice after gaining weight. haha actually i think so too. can't understand why i love being like a skeleton way back. just like the past few days, as i randomly scroll through & came across a picture of this monkey in pink display. lol HAHAHAHAHA! wait wait.. i couldn't control my laughter la. sorry not sorry? especially her mouth she really resembles ceasar. oops. ok so bad! just being honest la. HAHA but it made me day though.

still lovin' blood red gelish best, had my mani and pedi done while waiting for him to knock off. don't ask me to state down the days or even dates cos i can't remember clearly with the hectic schedules of us running errands or maybe just slacking our days away despite the overwhelming progs. yesterday was an impromptu meet-up with Joey as she wanted to pass me the 6 pairs of lens she bought for me, i'am blessed am i? :) forever having lotsa laughter, can't tank this siaocharbor. forever making me laugh like a crazy women on street. anyway thanks la luv u okay. this blog post is also specially updated for her. cos i don't wanna be NAGGED all day, everyday. muahaha. okay, i'll be back soon so stay tuned.
hello panda! 
one of the goldsmith we visited.
located at jurong west.

just a random pic of our bareface

dear granny just had her haircut. muahaha
kept making fun of her by saying how boyish she looks like, now.

salted caramel @ marbleslab. 
not that bad. 
but still prefer the original one @ thomson.

overdue pics
pubor joey :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How many seeds until flowers, how many flowers until a garden

so it was dinner @ clementi ave 2 last thursday night with baobei's fam. sky, yuanqing, zhiyi, damien, tianshun & wife joined us there as well. my very troubled bf drank so much that i have to stay up till 4am with him. accompanied him to waterfront, the night breeze & calming sea did tame him a little before meeting alvin. hurts me so much to see him down cos usually he's the happy-go-lucky bf who tries all ways to make me happy.. 

successfully bid the old notes framed at the digit 688. 

expected that he'll missed work aft drinkin so much and given that kind of mood, he's never suitable to attend work.. he then brought me to causeway point to settle my long craving for deli potato while he had a croissant all by himself. back home, let him napped awhile before fetching his mom to work & then accompanied him for his weekly reporting. met up with ved and her cutie for lunch while waiting, and so it was jurong for the v delicious porridge with yuanqing and weisheng. sent them all back & packed granny's share.. night time was elson's birthday celebration @ csc with the clique. wilson came all the way to fetch us there, tgt w his wife and little enni. met up w the rest of 'em there. john & vanessa, elson & joanna, zhiyi & jingting, damien, sky, yuanqing, qingshun, jesper, and finally tianshun. i hope i didn't missed out any :) glad my man controlled himself & didn't end up as drunk as i thought he would. right now im unable to upload as much pictures as I lend my lappy to shaunting for afew days. well anyway, villa's kitchen have officially started their business! do support. you can find them at clementi ave 3 blk 431. 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

know the game so no man will treat you like one

 haven't been blogging lately until i forgotten when was when. called up for interview so suddenly one fine morning, so hurriedly prepared myself & cabbed to the respective location hoping not to be late. but sho unlucky my eyes, always have to give me problem at the most crucial time. ignored & forced my lens in

how bad it actually was.

5 rules to be happy :D

 met up with joey for pepper lunch @ westmall and did a short catch up while waiting for fat to knock off :D always having never ending laughter.
this is crazy! joey spent his night up here after 10 hrs of standing at work.

cheap pamperings. thanks fat.

 fat was so exhausted these few days at work he literally knocks out everyday after shower, and so i spent my saturday night @ westmall again with joey for pastamania :D packed back for the tired boy as well.

 did some catch up and reminiscing the good old days with valerie scal, not long after, fat joined with damien and co.
 feel so blessed having different friends calling me up for treats from them. all just want me to gain weight nia lor! alright so it was sushi feast with liling dabian, million thanks for the 3 different types of eyedrops, and the dress & tops you got for me, not forgetting snacks too! :D ai si ni ler
wo de baobei so kewt.
he came home one fine day with this
heart shape pretzel-liked thing asking me to 
eat it up, it's his heart. wtf. lol

always wanted a tv in my room. thanks fat.

spent the night with cousin & cousin-in-law @ vistapoint together with fat. our family gatherings are coming back, more frequent, and its so clear now that i was so foolish only keeping myself in the room way back then. feels so clean & good now you have no idea.
birthday have passed like more than a month
but i still got "ka-chings" from cousin :D

 hohoho! dtf treat from joey mr.angellllll again! accompanied him get a suitable and comfortable pull over from robinsons before i went to shop for fat's clothes at h&m. spent more than i expected but lucky he didn't screamed at me. muahaha! of cos lar, buy for you leh !
it was such a coincident bumped.
at the right time, with the right person.
my fav!
sent him back home before i turned to meet fat & john with their dinner 
long john silver!

sat there watching them wrap, and move
the furnitures tillllll night falls.

thanks john kor!

thank you for picking me up when i was down, thank you for showing me 
the way when i was lost. thank you for putting up with my super bad temper,
thank you for trying your best to stay up late no matter how tired
cos i can't sleep. thank you for waking up in the middle of the night
to acc me to the toilet cos im afraid of the dark. thank you for working so hard for me.
thank you for standing even closer to me whenever i pushed you away. thank
you for knowing how a person i am, most imptly, thank you for loving
me and my flaws anyway theres so much more but just thank you for 
everything fat. luv u

one fine day, fat came to fetch me back for home-cooked tomyum by zeh.

win liao lor. wanna cut bangs, fat die also don't allow.
wanna perm, also buey sai.
decided to dye my whole head and even the aunty
have to go against my will.
only can lan lan re-dye hair roots lor :(

met up with valerie scal for a short while to collect my lens from shirley chan! :) got myself peppermint ice cream as i have been craving for it since the last time i had with yunhan baby.
my gem

 spent the whole day @ fav cousin's place after getting lunch for the both of us. headed to naidi's place to give lil jojo a surprise it was a successful one becos even eewin dear was shocked to see me. hehe! luv this lil boy down here always so guai and disciplined.

 fat came to pick me up after he's done @ work. went to bukit panjang for dinner with his mum & god-ma. as usual, they drank till times' up before willing to go home. so mad at fat for always being a reckless and harsh driver on road as long as he's pissed. f
served on bed by fat one fine night.
my fav flavour lychee.
 headed to fetch fav cousin @ his place before making our way to cousin kimmie's house warming. gathered there while waiting for fat to knock off, wilson's car was with him the whole day. so it was home to put my barangs before teckwhye for family feast with his grandma & relatives. then it was west coast recreational centre with wilson and damien. headed home for a short while to play with baby & back. so i spent my night watching the guys chasing so many balls. men and balls = game. LOL! not long after, jeff came to join followed by joanna elson and then yuanqing. mad tired. supposedly wanted to catch transformer but we were 15 mins to the movie when we left. so gave it a missed.

 met up with john kor & vanessa for dinner @ lot1 and head to beer garden next. so damn worn out from the overwhelming activities. but its shooooo fun. most imptly, it is healthy and we are all healthy happily.

when are you going to recover? :(

true much

that was closeeeeeee

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Delicates to a special guy friend of mine

This goes out to one of the few of my v close guy friend. nope not clement, neither guozhong nor Joey. It's xiaohao bb.

Happy birthday baobei I know you must've thought I forgotten your birthday you asshole! Thanks for all these years the naggings the advices the listening was you've been wonderful I guess by the time you see this you've already been nagged by me! You should know why lar hor! Biaoc..b ..... Now only got kimie no me lor horrrrrr. Nevertheless, I hope u enjoy yourself & have a blast. Still luv u as a friend la idiot