Saturday, April 19, 2014

Something I learnt about people. If they do it once they will do it again..

 It've been a routine to me following fat to work every evening, and then he'll bring me to Jalan Kayu for my prata.. Realized I haven't been snapping a lot of pics of myself lately, so cam-whored while waiting for fat to collect some documents.. Also there's indeed a huge change as I grow, no matter which angle, every single ones seemed wrong. I thought it was me who overthinks, but yes! How could I not realized such big difference about myself right? I mean, I'm the person seeing me everyday every min every sec. I don't remember having any hard time grabbing the RIGHT angle before I finally snap and every #SELFIE looks so fine in the past, yet.. things gradually changed. I even find it hard to actually smile to the camera or I'll prolly try to avoid half of my own face, it used to be snap snap snap till it goes uncountable like 30 or more but it's a different thing now. You can say, I only snap less than 5 pictures and I'll choose the most acceptable ones from there. Sometimes I even have to discard every single picture because of self-dissatisfaction.. Or is it that the standards have increased, like I expect myself to be better than this / that ? No idea.. Kind of really envy those youthful days that've gone to waste. But no, I've learnt alot and also been through so much, met so many people, and yes at that point of time those "life" were what I "wanted" So yup, no regrets just lessons learnt..

Alright, here you go.. to some #SELFIE of me in bare face.
Getting lazier each day sometimes I don't even bother
about wearing my lens... D U H .

Fat brought me to Upp Thomson to satisfy my strong craving for Salted Caramel ice-cream. Yet I decided to give it a missed after having the WORST bom prata ever. Eew! The thought of it makes me feel like puking, both of us didn't finish that pathetic piece of our prata. It looks appealing when served but SUCKS ont he second and third bite.
You won't wanna continue having the fourth. Gawd!

So my superwoman called complaining this lil cheeky devil
refused to take afternoon naps. 
Hehe, she's so adorable don't she?

A . N . D 
Yes, in the late night I received an apps from Xiaohao baobei bringing a piece of good news which is, Yolanda's smooth delivery of their baby girl.
Aww, so wanna fly to the hosp to hold this small lil miracle..
Congrats to both as they enters parenthood.
It's gonna be tough.

Noble mom. (every mom is.)

HAPPY EASTER, It's holy friday! Supposed to meet up with my 2 dear girls Liling dabian and Yunhan baby but as usual I was too lazy to do so :< They know me so well to have already expected this, the day before while we were having group chats. Muahaha! Whoops :x Also, didn't went to the hosp. But shall do so tomorrow with fat :> Still, he keeps me updated. They're like having PARTY yes no ? Lol...

Pardon this arrogant and not so like-able picture. Wasn't in the right mood so I Was like taking a pic for the sake of taking, for the sake of blogging. HAHA. Alright, wassup? It was my first experience at Max Brenner @ Vivocity #01-116, If you're wondering what it is, scroll down. A chocolate bar with so many varieties to choose from. Recommended for chocolate & pastries lovers. Affordable but would advised to visit the one at Esplanade for MORE choices ^^ 

Chocolate fondue with market fruits, fluffy chocolate sponge cake
 and marshmellows served with your own grill & 3 different types of dips!
We had creamy pure chocolate sauce, caramel dip and lastly
dark chocolate melts. (from left to right)

I'am never a Dark chocolate person when it comes to "chocolates"
It's either milk chocolate or NO chocolates.
NO white chocolates as well.
BUT, this time round I chose to dip dark chocolate melts.
It brings a better taste of combination or if I'd chosen milk choco,
it would definitely be too sweet.

Chocolate Chunks Pizza.
Max's double chocolate melting chunks and a choice of crunchy hazelnut bits,
bananas, peanut butter or roasted marshmellows.
Half - $10.50 (two pieces)
Full - $19.50 (4 pieces which makes a whole pizza)
* For your info, you are only opened to 1 choice if you're looking at this. They only serve roasted marshmellows the one located at Vivocity. So if you'd like to try crunchy hazelnut bits, bananas, or peanut butter, you'll have to visit the one @ Esplanade. 

Did not even managed to finish my piece of pizza.
It is really HUGE. and it's good la.
Just that I started indulging too much when the fondue
was served.. TOO EGGCITED.
And it leads to that "disgusting" feel after consuming too much 
of SUGAR* Muahaha. 

for menu before deciding your trip!
I hope I did shared something good :D 

Had my supp McWings that youngersis packed. Fat is asleep already as he's working tomorrow. No, it's later on I should say. The time shows 4:15am now. 
OH MY GAWD, time for me to sleep toooooo. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's not easy for me to constantly keep up with everything that's changing around me..

Hey babies, how are my loyals doing? Well I'am only here to share with you
a few pictures only. Some of the quotes that I came across
in my timeline & then decided to type it out 
& edit some parts myself. But before that, I would like to share 
a very sweet image that I finally received from velle sissy.
Was waiting to hear from her and it feels like a decade already.
Lol ok exaggerate. I feel so appreciated but i can relate

Yes glad she knows I'm still there for her.

An edited banner version of fat n me ^^

 What I don't understand is, why society's standards are so high.
(or should i say, the living standards in singapore)
Why are they so hard to meet.
And why we have to conform into such characters.
No matter what society we're part of,
We never seem to be good enough.
But we still can make it.
(if it means, self console)
If we're not perfect
Or we're not the most well-rounded.
As long as we give our all to our passion
and never give up,
We will reach our dreams.
(i have a question now, but how long? time matters!)

The strange connection between momma and me.
I didn't even show a single leads of how sucky I'am feeling and yet,
she just sees through me. 

It was so coincidentally that I was craving for her sesame chicken vermicelli.
That was when I held my phone wanting to give her a call
Just at that moment, I received hers, first.
Asking if I want her to cook vermicelli, 
Was it coincidence or what?
My mom feels like some superwoman with
super powers! Aww. 

And yes she came over last night, as usual stocked up my necessities
and this time round with kinder chocolates too!
And mine, just ran out. Too blessed.
Then cleaned up the house before
she cooked for me. Talked for a lil while.
And yes, I received that message from her.
As attached above.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I don't know how to deal with how I'am feeling anymore

 Recently I've been so into Farm Heroes Saga that I neglect almost every social platforms of mine even twitter.. Also I just realized "Bom Prata" can be so delicious that I don't get sick of it even though I have it almost every single day. Muahaha, Prata lovers can try if interested. It's really nice, to me, really. Yesterday, you can say, was the happiest day with fat ever since the first day I got attached to him, hehehe!

Alright, so it was an impromptu chillax session with xiaohao baobei, yolanda, ben, weekian, weekhong, patrick and weilong @ 678. I'am only holding onto my phone trying to pass level 80 of FHS while the guys drink. But still failed. So fed up with my phone Idk why I keep encountering problems linking FHS to my Fb and that leads to shortage of lives cos its either friends don't receives my request for lives or I don't receive theirs. TSK! MADNESS. Muahaha, ok pardon me i am really too addicted to it.
Fat made me so pissed that day, he didn't tamed me when I 
shouted over the phone and hang up. 
But sent this image to me an hour later. ^^
So silly, I can't get mad at him for long...

And many thanks to Eldersis for getting this for fat.

Look where fat keeps the cough syrup out of my sight & reach!
GRRR. I had a really hard time searching for it. 
Usually need it to aid me to sleep whenever I experience insomnia


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The road can be a little rough sometimes..

I know, I know.. I'm always updating my blog at unearthly hour. That's really bad but because I suffer from insomnia almost every single night and while I'm waiting for Super Idol 8 to load, I shall upload some peektures to share with you people :> Hmm, this is crazy can any of you imagine me purchasing lives by itunes account for Farm Heroes Saga?! I am never a game type and I can't actually believe I really did that as I can't bother to wait for my facebook friends to send me lives and also believe that most of them have already slept by such timing. Muahaha. I'm sure they find me such a pain in the ass because I practically spammed their whole facebook with requests like they owe me something, like i won't give up if they don't. HA HA HA :P I have always hated game requests prompt by facebook but my facebook friends just won't get the idea into their mind, so people it's revenge time! HOHOHO.

Well, Fat haven't been going to work for the past few days as the vehicle is still under maintenance. So, he received a call from his boss asking him to collect another vehicle from one of the rental shops @ Balestier. Uncle was kind enough to send both of us there as he was also leaving for work. Then the worst scenario that I hoped won't happened actually took place. It was another wasted trip, this company is just so unorganized and have been giving fat a lot of problems. Even though they aren't big problems but small problems add up to a whole lot y'know? I hate the fact that he's too easy-going. Thats the reason why people take him for granted or even shit on him! T s k* Glad the boss was understanding and fair enough to allow him to claim the transport fees (they are supposed to do so! why? because they did not check whether the vehicle was appropriate enough & made us travel from home to balestier, balestier back home and worse, fat got to wake up very early tomorrow to collect a new replaced vehicle @ the same place.) VHAT DHA FUCK RIGHT?! Roll eyes* 

Edited version when I can't sleep last night.

Dad would always update me about what's happening @ home.
And look! Baby's new clothes eldersis bought from Taiwan!

Got the chance to have my favourite waffle from Prima Deli all thanks to Vedelene! Also, it's been a while since I last had Bengawan Solo's marble cake, and I had it too thanks to Aunt Sally ^^ Momma came to granny's place with new ear studs for me from Lovisa too. Awww.. I never get sick of collecting accessories from there to be frank :) And prepared porridge for us for sup! Yumz.

Here it is, if you realized there's different 
designs, thats because I've put on the new
ones and replaced them. Hee!

Blings x black x rose x cross.

And lately I've been thinking if I should still continue blogging or close this webpage down? But every single post holds different and priceless memories. Kind of unbearable but yet still doubting if I will continue keeping it alive as compared to the past.. As we grow, we got lesser to voice out yes no? Maybe for me because sometimes some things are better left unsaid, understood, keep it inside and shut. Unless it is necessary la.. 

Quote of the day: People leaves eventually when you are no longer beneficial to them.
This is just how realistic the world revolves now. The sad and ugly truth about human.

Monday, April 7, 2014

There are some friends I'm glad we've distanced...

Say something, I felt so much like countering back to whatever this particular person commented about how she's being treated by friends.. Well sometimes people just got to practice self-awareness before even commenting, blaming or hurling accusation at others instead of admitting their own mistakes. I mean, look into your own personality/character/bad habits if you even think you are fit to put blames . And before that, don't even point fingers, at all. Yes, if you possessed a good character, and do your part as a friend, uses genuine heart all along, nobody would even have any excuses to talk about you, leave alone mistreating or making use of you. Only actions prove, my dear cos words meant nothing at all... Personally I'am clearly aware that nobody is perfect, I myself do have my flaws too. But, I treat people the way they treat me. So long as you don't harm or deliberately find faults with me, I can be the best of me.

But there's also something I have to clearly declare, and that's nothing but fake friends. Those whose constantly smiling yet holding onto knives at the back. And also I loathe people who tries to ill-speak me just to find topics to discuss when he/she have nothing better to do. Those that talk just for the sake of talking, or rather the ones who loves playing the role of angel. OH SO TURN OFF YOU KNOW?

Keep in mind, the first time you abused the advantage of my kindness, I won't be as nice the next time. It doesn't mean that I'am unaware of what's happening just because I keep quiet. You are the real fool if you think you can get away from your conscience. The way people treats you reflects on the treatment they receive from you, am I right to say this or not? Thats why there's this saying " You reap what you sow " How great you appear to be is what you choose to show, we never know what's inside of you. Think twice before speaking, and never ever underestimate anyone's ability to know when you gossips behind any particular person. Because you know, the world is small. What goes around comes around..

Ever once reflect why do most of your friends treat you negatively? Ever thought the actual problem lies on you yourself or every single one of them? Why would anyone harm you if you're truly a good and true friend? You can be good and generous for 10 years but just 1 mistake you make, the friendship's gone in a minute. Some people forgive, but never forget. Remember that.. If you repent, kick away the bad habit of behaving differenly when you're with different cliques, you'll realized you'll be blessed with so much more friends who truly cares and love you for who you are. It's always learning from the hard way!

Anyway, the "number" of friends doesn't really matter to me anymore as I grow. It's the TRUE ones that have already regard you as their family, that matters. The ones who really care & hold no motives/harms are the ones you can sacrifice and depend on, you know who your friends are and whose not when you're at your most difficult point. Open your eyes big, don't judge too quickly. You don't have to be good enough for everybody, just the ones whose worth your genuine heart. Never forget the ones who tried their best to be there for you when nobody was, the ones who stood for you even knowing you were wrong, the ones who cared more than just a friend. Be grateful.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

How many times have we traveled down that road and yet we still fail to see the end of it

Hi everybirdie, it's 6am in the morning & I'm still wide awake prolly cos I napped too much. Well, the early part of the day suckz so much! We were sleeping when suddenly I felt fat jumping out of bed rushing to the living room, only to realize granny haven't been feeling well and was dizzy since she woke up in the morning & those symptoms led to a slight fall. I was mad panic, slowly helped her up and it fucking hurts me to see her sitting on the floor I can't imagine if she were to face any further serious fall in future when nobody's there to take care of her. I really feel so useless at times not being able to keep her accompanied in the morning as usually I'll be sleeping. And what if she fell & I am too deep in sleep to even notice? I've considered all these yet still couldn't adjust the screwd body clock of mine. Lucky she only hurt her backside today but I'm getting more and more worry as days pass. Her right leg have been giving her problem since years and now worsen till the extend that sometimes she'll even have difficulties walking short distances. Also she's so stubborn to avoid leaving home to the market alone whenever we're sleeping. SIGH!

Thankful fat was alert enough, he always do, when it comes to granny :') Couldn't control my emotions seeing granny's health deteriorating day by day, I was so lost at that point of time when I felt her hands so cold while helping her up with a very pale look. I am worried, I am sad, I am fucking scared and I don't know what the fuck I should do. Informed mum & aunt immed & broke down into tears. I hate to see granny so weak I know she've been feeling inferior as her memory gradually fail as she age..

Made her rest as she refused to follow me to the hospital. I really wanted and hoped she do a thorough check-up @ the hospital :< Went down to get her panadol while fat took care of her at home. Cooked porridge for her as she didn't had her lunch due to the lost of appetite caused by dizziness..  Glad she felt slightly better after eating, even the slightest change meant A LOT to me! Tried to do whatever I could even tho' I'm feeling really bad inside. Waited for uncle to go get his taxi, cousin daryil managed to convince her to do a rough check up, so youngersis, fat and me brought her to the nearest clinic which is the 24 hr clinic @ cck. Did her blood test, sugar test & some routine checks so relieved everything was normal except that she looks abit dehydrated & needs to drink plenty of water as instructed by the doctor. It could be lack of sugar intake that causes the giddiness, it could also be the food she had for breakfast that's too oily.. Doc prescribed medication for her dizziness & also advised to keep her monitored to prevent her from falling again. Youngersis then brought her home while fat and I packed her dinner. Oh my~ I kept my sincerest prayer in heart willing to exchange my health or afew years of life for granny's health, really. I mean it really :(


Glad to have him..

After dinner, both fat and i fell asleep until youngersis woke us up 2 hours later. Prepared ourselves & brought granny over to Somerset Residence @ 51 Bencoolen Street as it's cousin Daryil's birthday! Good to see granny feeling better even though she still felt a little bit of dizziness.. Here it is, peektures!

Favourite cousin heating the spaghetti
but it was cousin Daryil and cousin in law Hasnie who
cooked 'em. (the spaghetti, bolognese sauce & mashed potato)

YUMMY! ^>^
Love the mashed potato and the combination of cheese flakes in the spag.

Finally the cousins & adults gathered after so long..
We used to frequently arrange gathering session
either at granny's place, chalets or apartments.

Anyway, I prefer Somerset Grand Cairnhill @ Heeren, so much spacious 
and convenient. But this apartment's so much better than the
one we went on 2012's christmas, the ascott @ raffles.
Too squeezy and crowded. Muahaha!
Doesn't matter, so long as we gather & have fun.


Wore my new lens today, how do you like the hearts in my eyes :)
Credits to Ved.


Fav aunt was drunk, and poor fat got to keep her accompanied
by listening to her "grandmother stories" 

Ending my post with this sweetie's picture! :> Good day everybody